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This wiki is primarily a resource for translators of work by Helen DeWitt. Others involved in the publication of DeWitt's work (publishers, agents and sub-agents, scouts, designers, typesetters usw.) may find it useful.


Translators often ask questions about a text; these rarely overlap; it's likely that the answers would be useful to other translators who did not happen to ask those particular questions.

The author of a book is not normally given contact details of translators; she is often the last to know that a foreign publisher has acquired the rights to a book. It's not possible to circulate all the questions and answers to everyone who might find them useful. A wiki seemed a good way to make this dialogue more widely available. Translators working on the same text might also find it helpful to be in contact with each other; again, a wiki seemed the best solution.

Translators are welcome to write to DeWitt directly with questions, on the understanding that correspondence will also be posted here (with links to the relevant pages). Discussion forums have also been set up, so that translators can deal directly with each other without going through the author. If, as is sometimes the case, the translation is being done by a team, you may find it helpful to have your own pages on the site; if you would like to do this, please contact the Site Administrator.


While the main purpose of the site is to assist translators, the plan is to include material that will also be useful to publishers. When a book presents technical difficulties, it's helpful if those who have seen the book into print share their solutions. The site will also include a list of any corrections made after the book went to press. (Anyone who sees a mistake in a text is encouraged to report this for inclusion in later editions.)

The wiki can be read by anyone, but you will need to be approved as a member to edit and participate in discussions. Please see the contact page for further details.